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Check out our NEW babyroom. The animals are free roaming. Sit and play with them or have them climb all over you.  Our babies are always changing, so visit often.


Welcome to the East Texas Zoo and Gator Park!  We have dozens of alligators, from hatch-lings all the way up to 14 feet long (His name is Domino). Our enclosures are designed to get close to view them either basking on the banks in the sun, swimming in the pond, or eating a snack.  Our alligators become dormant in the winter months and stop eating.  When the temps are up, and breeding season is over, around June or so, they begin eating again.  Once this happens, we feed them chicken 3 times a day as a snack. Those times are 11am, 1pm and 3pm every day.

But… there’s so much more! We have primates big and small, as well as exotic cats, lemurs, monkeys, and all sorts of other animals. Our lobby is full of reptiles, snakes and lizards as well. The Duck Pond is right between two covered pavilions, the perfect spot for a relaxing picnic. Relax and enjoy a picnic lunch, in the shade.


We have a barnyard where you can feed and pet various animals such as goats, cows, pigs, etc, a baby room for holding and interacting with some of our animals, and an air-conditioned gift shop.  

We host school field trips, family reunions, church groups, and other organizations, with educational tours for all ages. Birthday parties are a big hit here too.  The park is even available after hours for your own special events!  Just give us a call for a booking. 



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